Love and God

One fulfils the other one defines the other they are an encore to one another God is love love is God we are humans in all our glory flawed but we are in God’s image it is pitiful how one can love but have no belief in God despite all other religions embrace them in […]

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Teresiah marie

I lost my baby but carried her she was dead but somehow I felt her every heart beat she never grew into life but I felt her growth in every way her features were only visible in sonograms but I felt her body and every part was perfect my girl my Teresiah Marie in a […]

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Past broken mirrors

Walking but still followed by roaming shadows reflecting a life of hidden cracks that we choose to hide Secrets can only stagnate promising growth destroying every step leading to a followed motion brought by secrets we chose not to forgive nor forget that hinders our growth even to the strong hearted like past broken mirrors […]

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Being just leah

I have been demonized and victimized targeted and stereotyped since birth I am black I have been sexualized and talked about all my life disregarded and degraded I am black I have been radicalized my self esteem stamped upon I am black I am the black girl that you pass by when you head to […]

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I am African

I am regarded less then valueless in my own planet yet My beauty has beautiful uniqueness I am African My heritage is as rich You can compare it to the Solomon mines our minerals we have in natural beauty it still stands I am from that Africa the African roots have strength pure cultural influence […]

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Coming into a country not knowing a soul with no money nor home to call mine my story that many can relate to and few can comprehend a story of a young lady grown in both mind and soul crushing against normality and sanity to insanity that many call a daring soul i am we […]

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We become, we are

Success becomes my curse wealth becomes my curse a life of a life we must have with nothing much we become happy forever gone forever near warmth in cold surrounds happiness become victorious contagious we are never sorrowful never alone death becomes the beginning of life in a small percent we are alive because we […]

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